When the stage curtain quietly goes up, five men in sportswear are jogging in step. One man stays in the middle of the stage, takes off his jacket to go topless, with a proud face. A stick flies through the stage to the man; he catches it in his hand easily and plays with it, as if he has practised this a thousand times.

With all of them back on the stage, suddenly the music turns to pop-music, and the kungfu master gains a street dance accent. With classical music in the background they gain a ballet one.

Till this moment, the way they narrate and perform feels precarious, maybe even a little ridiculous. Moreover, there are many technical imperfections during the entire performance, as obvious as the dancers’bare torsos.


Kungfu provides the axis for this performance, but such mistakes obscure the effort they put in to enrich the show, leaving it feeling directionless, perhaps even disrespectful of its kungfu core.


Throughout the performance you hear the voice of Bruce Lee in the background. The interaction between past (Bruce Lee) and present (performers), is the funny part for the audience.

The current of kungfu flows along the river of time, even if different people give it different forms. But does this performance run true to its spirit?