Choreographer and dancer Núria Guiu Sagarra from Barcelona is interested in anthropological studies of physical practices in relation to digital culture. As a dancer and yoga teacher, she observes some crazy YouTube phenomena – yoga mixes, “cover dances” of popular songs by famous Korean choreographer Lia Kim – and in her piece LIKES she uses them in a satirical and humorous way.


Here we go! Pick up your cellphone, and click the link to LIKES, please. It’s show time!

To open, Sagarra takes the microphone with a nice smile, arbitrarily plucking at her ponytail. She is standing at the centre of a rough stage, putting forward relevant questions and talking about the issues with the audience. It looks familiar, like a TED Talk.


Through the whole show, she controls the stage lighting, and is responsible for switching music as well as being a solo dancer. Whenever she finishes part of the show with one song, she will rest on the chair, drink water, and take off a layer of clothing.


With various rhythms, the piece runs through movements of yoga and cover dance from YouTube. When her movements and breathing become more and more fast, she also presents the phenomenon of fandom, such as internet celebrity in the digital age.


When the show comes to the climax, with the warm applause of everyone in the audience, she walks back with naked body to the dark wall. She is crying against the wall. With the music gradually fading, she slowly walks to the chair, sits down, turns off the lights. Finally, she leaves only the lights of the desk lamp and computer in the theatre. In that atmosphere, her posture and movement make her look alone. Perhaps, in this moment her emotion is finally peaceful.


Overall, the form of the piece is creative, fresh, and interesting. Maybe it stimulates discussions or inner conversations. Do we need to sacrifice our privacy for the big data? What does that mean for our selves?


Freelancer and SOHO from Kaohsiung, graphic design, illustrations, etc.